Real Debt Elimination - Dead before Im dead

Bentley, Michigan 0 comments

There is a complete fraud going on here for US citizens. If people would wake up and realize there is no money in the system but the continual discharge of debts throughout commerce they would think differently. We are not taught what real money is and where it comes from. It comes from the thin air and we are stuck with the interest bill. These people are not lifting a finger and collecting huge amounts of interest.

The national debt is a scam and will never be paid back but continues to rise. Research! Research! is where the truth is hiding. Money should be way more affordable to the people such as with interest rates that never top 8%. There would be no inflation. It can be done and should be implemented as soon as possible. Also ever US Citizen should receive $1000 a month in minimal wages. We own the rights to ourselves! The banks are seizing our property right in front of our noses. Research!

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